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ASBhive Pre-incubator program is a structured program to support our aspiring students and alumni entrepreneurs to incubate their business ideas from ideation to launch. In the 10 weeks of the program, they will learn specific modules in the form of workshop activities, build prototypes, get market validation, receive coaching from industry mentors, and guidance from our ASB faculty. At the end of the program, we expose them to the network of angels and VCs, and their final deliverable is a pre-seed pitch during the demo day.

Program Features

Duration: 10 Weeks

Workshop on learning Module
(from ideation to launch)



Team consists of maximum 3

Guidance from
ASB Faculty Advisor
Coaching by IEC Mentors

Limited opportunity to apply IEC Grant

Access to the ecosystem network
VC & Angel Investor Opportunity

Demo Day
(pre-seed pitching)

VC & Angel Investor Opportunity

Type of Entrepreneurship Projects


Step 1: Submit application Form

The application form includes key questions to evaluate the Business Idea, Strategy, and Entrepreneur aspects. Candidates will be asked to submit a 5-pager deck outlining: The Problem, Solution, Market Opportunities, Business Strategy, and Competitive Analysis; AND a financial budget table.

Step 2: Shortlists & Interview

Interviews will be conducted on campus. Announcement of the selected students and the approval for the ALSP will be mid March 2024. Selected students will begin the Pre-incubation Program (ALSP) starting from 27th May 2024.

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